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Jacklyn Laflamme was born and raised in Montreal Canada, graduating with degrees in Creative Arts and Interior Design, both with honors. She began a professional career leveraging her design sensibilities as a Visual Display Artist. She joined Image Display, Canada’s leading Visual Display company, and attributes her infallible sense of line, balance, structure, form and harmony to her five years with this company.

Laflamme simultaneously apprenticed herself to a Canadian paintmaker. Here she gained a comprehensive, hands-on education for the elemental materials of her craft: How the grinding of pigments can affect the brilliance of a color, to the mixing of the binders, solvents and additives that create the body of the paint and how different manufacturing techniques affect the intensity of hues. This gave her the foundation to intelligently experiment with different color mediums that manifests itself today in the riotous color that drenches her canvases.

Moving onwards and literally upwards, Laflamme’s career took off as she entered the world of interior design for corporate jets. Over the next 10 years she designed for Bombardier in Montreal, Lear Jet in Tucson and Gulfstream in Savannah. In this work she traveled the world designing complete interiors (and supervising the build out process) for heads of state, nobility and the leaders of the business, sports and entertainment worlds.

In 2000, she decided to live her dream and work as an artist. She was emboldened in this decision by the success of her first solo show, selling four paintings on opening night, she committed herself to making art full-time. In the last several years she has sold hundreds of paintings through galleries and direct commissions. Now residing in Florida, she is an award winning artist, a grant recipient and is emerging in the public art scene with her vibrant murals.

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My paintings make their mark on many levels. At the outset I engage with the structure of the works, creating canvases vibrant with kaleidoscopic, rhythmically pulsating color and constant movement, shimmering with wit and a sophisticated cosmopolitan awareness. This all in the context of a subject matter that seems at first glance to be almost adult-sophisticated anime in style.

My work is populated with the cultural icons of our time in dialog with a wide range of art and style influences of the last half-century. I take the popular icons of modern life and re-purpose them as symbols to chart the emotional challenges, conundrums, reversals and achievements as they reflect the interiority of modern woman’s life-experience.

Art that we can live with is invariably that which involves us in a conversation with ourselves about how we see our world and interact with everyday life. Because there is a strong narrative element in the paintings, my collector’s talk about “taking a vacation” within a picture or “going to the movies” with a work.

Structure is the primary force in my body of work, manifesting itself in the line, shape, balance and movement of the narrative. Experimentation with the interaction of hues and the juxtaposition of tints and shades is also central to my message. I work my palette to the far boundaries of the spectrum, manipulating the paint to form layers of color to the point were my subjects literally glow.

Along with the professional concern for form and color rides my obsession with minute detail throughout the swirl of storylines that drive my acrylic on canvas paintings: the result I believe is constant intrigue and work that offers endless interpretive possibilities.
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